Tailored Treatments


Continued Professional Development Training.

At Plena Holistic, I believe in the power of tailored treatments to transform and empower you, bringing about positive changes in your life. The wide range of services includes Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Sports Massage, all designed to provide an holistic experience that nurtures both your body and mind. Whether you’re a serious athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, the experience at Plena Holistic specialises in Sports Massage. I help you prevent injuries, recover from existing injuries, or support you through rehabilitation. Reflexology is another popular treatment that I offer, known for its ability to treat the whole body and boost your immune system. It’s a proven method for addressing various conditions such as colds, digestive problems, headaches, backaches, PMS, and providing much-needed stress relief. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, I also offer indulgent treatments like Indian Head Massage or Aromatherapy. You have the freedom to choose the treatment that best suits your needs and preferences. At Plena Holistic, my mission is to provide tailored treatments that truly transform lives. Experience the difference today with Plena Holistic – Tailored Treatments, Transforming Lives.

At Plena Holistic, our Continued Professional Development courses cover a variety of topics including Ear Candles, Aromatherapy, Massage, and Reflexology. We also offer 1 day taster courses in Reflexology, Massage, and Aromatherapy to give individuals a taste of these practices.

Treatment Testimonials


Having had back problems for many years and tried everything.

For the last 2 years have been seeing Natalie and the difference it has been made has allowed me to continue my passion for golfing with very little discomfort.

Cannot recommend her treatments enough.


Sports Massage

I can highly recommend Natalie; her knowledge of aromatherapy and massage is excellent.  I started having regular deep tissue leg massages with Natalie after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2014, as one of my worst symptoms of the condition was restless legs and stiff muscles.  Natalie’s skill at delivering a very effective massage surpasses any other massage I have had in the past.  She is very knowledgeable of the body and its workings which makes me feel I am in safe hands.  The disruption over the last year due to lockdown has truly highlighted how much benefit I get from my monthly leg massage as I have had to go without them for lengthy periods and I am very much aware that I struggle more with my legs without her help.


Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue Massage


Natalie is a wonderful therapist. So professional, explaining everything as she is working on me.

Pain relief from aches, pains, stiff joints.

Also released my frozen shoulder.

I would recommend Natalie to anyone.


Sports Massage

Natalie is an excellent Reflexologist. Natalie is professional & extremely good at what she does. I have missed our wonderful relaxing sessions & can’t wait to start up again after lockdown. Have genuinely noticed what a difference having regular Reflexology makes to how I feel & would recommend Natalie to my friends and family.



Having suffered with back pain from sitting at my desk all day along with aches and pains from sports injuries, finding Plena Holistic was a game changer! The massage sessions with Natalie dealt with the deep tissue issues but also provided overall maintenance tips. Treatment was surprisingly enjoyable and have become an important part of being able to do everything I want to do in my 40’s.


Sports Massage

I first started seeing Natalie 18months ago as my lower back pain was causing me so much pain even to walk. We started a programme that every 10 days I would visit to start treatment and what a difference it has made. I have to make sure I also do my stretching exercises on a daily basis which make sure I get the best out of our next session and continue the healing process. I can now say I dont have to visit as regularly as before because Natalie has helped reduce my pain and given me a better more comfortable life again.


Sports Massage

I’ve used Natalie for a back injury. She totally understood my problem, explained what the issue was, how it had affected me and how she could treat me in a simple way.

Excellent treatment highly recommend her.


Sports Massage

Course Testimonials

Natalie is an exceptional Reflexology teacher and extremely knowledgeable.  Natalie gave me encouragement and support, especially when I was struggling. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, as I have learnt so much more then I could ever imagined I would.

Natalie has been a fantastic tutor and mentor. I now feel completely ready and prepared to start my Reflexology journey.

Karen Terrell



Natalie was great!

Really cared about our learning experience


Indian Head Massage

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the course and this was mainly down to Natalie. She is so easy to talk to about anything you might be struggling with and will go over any issue you have until you are confident. Natalie is so professional but it feels like you’re learning from a friend you’ve known for years. I highly recommend Natalie as a teacher and look forward to working with her again in the future.



I booked on to this course because I love having reflexology and I wanted to learn more about it. I wasn’t looking to practice Reflexology professionally but wanted to add another string to my bow. I was not disappointed. From the minute I arrived Natalie was welcoming and enthusiastic about her subject. The room was set up professionally with couches, wheelie chairs and trolleys. The other students were looking to extend their professional knowledge as they practiced in other areas of therapy. I was always included and felt equal.
Natalie has a wonderful teaching style putting everyone at ease but ensuring we are all learning.
We all practised on each other and also had models we brought into the class room. Natalie has years of experience to share with her students and it is a course I would highly recommend.
Rebecca Licence


Just want to say a big thank you for our Massage course. It was really fun and interesting, with a great bunch of girls (and models).
You taught and delivered the whole course in a great way which made it so nice to be there.

I hope I didn’t ask too many questions.
Thanks again.



I did my Reflexology course with Natalie in October/November 2019, I found it very rewarding and
Natalie’s style of teaching easy to follow and understand, though it was hard work I found the pace
of learning just right. A fascinating subject, our feet having an energy point or pathway that
corresponds to each organ of our body. A Holistic Complimentary Therapy that treats the whole
person, mind, body and spirit. Natalie’s knowledge, patience and empathic way of teaching has
given me the confidence to give treatments and combines well with other Complimentary Therapies.


I was recently enrolled and completed a holistic massage course, the tutor for this course was Natalie.

Natalie demonstrated exemplary teaching skills. Her vast experience in subject knowledge enabled her to tailor the course to meet individual needs within the group.

Her ability to diversify throughout the session and course allowed all students to be able to achieve their goals.

The schedule and content of the course was well organised and delivered enabling all students time to prepare and develop their skills.

Her teaching was pitched perfectly for the level of the students, with time to explore new techniques, review knowledge and understanding ensuring that all criteria was met sufficiently the required level.

Natalie provided well informed feedback and guidance throughout the course giving all students the confidence and ability to communicate and demonstrate their skills comfortably in a group format.

As an experienced teacher myself I found Natalie to be very comfortable in a teaching environment, enthusiastic for all students to be able to achieve and confident in her knowledge and skill to deliver the course content with additional information to be a successful therapist.

Claire Jiggins